tiavonda harris

Meet Tiavonda Harris, the Founder of Harris & Bennett Financial Solutions. Born and Raised on the Shore of New Jersey. She so the oldest of 6 children. She is also the mother of 4 beautiful children.  She serves as the CEO and Financial Specialist. Managing day to day operations, working with new and existing clients, and giving families a better meaning to overall financial health. Part-time Tiavonda works as a Nurse at a long-term care facility, this was her first passion. She enjoys giving her patients care and hope to a better and healthier life. Lets here a little from her. 

Hello, I’m Tiavonda. but you all can call me Tia, and as many of you may know in the past, I have had a battle with credit and financing myself. I went through repossessions, to almost filing bankruptcy, and guess who I blame myself!! Growing up, I was never taught how to manage my finances, or how to spend responsibly, so essentially, I made a lot of mistakes. After coming close to bankruptcy I decided enough was enough and decided to start looking into what I can do to fix my credit, and once I realized I had control of these numbers, meaning that all my actions financially had a consequence whether good or bad I was able to get my score from a 488 to a 712. WHOA right? What a jump in a short period of time! 

Now that a year or two ago and since then, I’ve been trained extensively by some of the most well-respected credit repair and financial gurus in this industry. With this new acquired knowledge, I am now able to execute methods to help my clients reach their potential, whether it be for their personal credit or business credit Harris and Bennett Financial Solutions has you covered. Go and check out our services to see which service best fits you. Talk to you soon


Paul Bennett, jr.

Meet Paul Bennett Jr, the Co- Founder of Harris & Bennett Financial Solutions. Born and Raised on the Shore of New Jersey. 1 of 6 children and Father to Two beautiful children. He serves as the President Financial and Real-Estate Specialist. Paul manages many day to day tasks and operations, and is very passionate about helping new and existing clients in his local community as well as beyond that. Aside from his financial expertise Paul also works for Arm and Hammer as a Mechanic, with prior experience as a Electrical worker. Let here a little from Paul him self

Hello I’m Paul, And aside from my love from mechanics, over the years I have gained such an appreciation for Financial wealth, I don’t have the same stories as others, I didn’t have bad credit , and repos and bankruptcies, I always paid my bills on time and had a decent credit score, But my credit card utilization was always at 95% or higher, and when you owe over 15,000 in credit cards, it isn’t the easiest to pay those down. So what did I do I took out a debt consolidation loan and paid them all off. Great right? Well that’s what I thought too , my credit cards all had a zero balance again, and all I had to do was payback that one payment for the consolidation loan, and my credit score went through the roof, I was all the way to a 760. But unfortunately, I didn’t learn my lesson and I ran those cards up again. So not only did I shoot my utilization back up to over 95% I now put my self deeper in debt. So now I’m in 30,000 in debt. After that irresponsible error in my life I started to realize that financial wealth isn’t all about a credit score, it also pertains to how we spend our money and keeping our spending habits under control.

I’ve since then paid down all my credit cards and my loans, I am now more aware of what I spend and the power of a Savings account. I am now able to offer the same tips and tricks to my clients, so once finished with our program they have financial lessons to pass down to their family ad friends and stay Financially Wealthy. Check out our great services and packages and become apart of the Coolest Financial family around.